Textually Transparent

The OrphAnalytics initiative, textually transparent, enables authors (writers, politicians, even students) to submit their texts to stylometric analyses. These statistical measures of style challenge the paternity of the analyzed text. OrphAnalytics software authenticates writings by comparing their style to that of other texts by the signatory.

Symbolized by its logo "tt", the textually transparent initiative makes it possible to positively differentiate the authors respecting good editorial practices. The QR code associated with the "tt" logo on the back of the book directs the reader to the web page presenting the stylometric results of the analyzed text. The reader thus participates in the authentication of the author of the text.

The presence of the logo "tt" enlightens the reader on the author’s will to demonstrate that no ghostwriter participated in the writing of his book. Currently, no other approach publicly offers the authentication of the author of a text. The added value provided by the presence of the "tt" logo enables participants of the textual transparency program to distinguish themselves from signatories who use the anonymous services of a professional writer.

For example, it is well known that a significant number of political actors do not write the books they sign. They anonymously commission a ghostwriter, also known as a penman. To distance oneself from these practices, a politician can make a personal commitment by publishing on the "tt" website the stylometry of his texts, pledge of intellectual integrity.

The textually transparent initiative is suitable for authors who wish to illustrate their commitment to readers and the media. In line with the values of the OrphAnalytics team, the "tt" initiative aims to actively promote respect for ethics in the publishing world.

Finally, adherents to the textual transparency program "tt" see documented evidence of their stylistic evolution, which is influenced by experience in writing and literary genres. They are given the opportunity to comment on the conclusions of the experts on the web page of the stylometric report, accessible via the link associated with the "tt" logo.

François Bayrou is the first author whose analysis is put online as part of the textually transparent initiative.