From our expertise in genomics, we bring solutions about text style analysis.

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Text Fraud Detection

Web-based services for companies, academia, law firms, enabling them to detect contract manipulation, plagiarism and ghostwriting.

Text Readability Analysis

Clear, legible, and accessible documentation is important. Our web-based readability software detects the level of difficulty of a text and suggests enhancements.

Forensic Expertise

We make tailored-made multilingual analyses for forensics and judiciary investigations. Our conclusions are backed by detailed reports and international-level expertise.

DELTA2T Platform

Our Δ2T Web platform is our first commercially available software. Designed to be used in companies or universities, with cooperation of our first testers, this software determines if two texts have the same style, or if they have two different authors (e.g., for ghostwriting detection). Δ2T can also be used to evaluate the difficulty of a document (its readability).

This software is currently in developpement. If you are interested, contact us to know more.