About our company

Built around genomics, OrphAnalytics SA brings the solution of text authentication capable of detecting ghostwriting issues. The developed solution is designed to identify the author of a text by comparing its style with other authors’ writings; only a few pages are necessary.

Other analyses, of readability, evaluate objectively the difficulty of a text and suggest improvements suited to its target audience.

OrphAnalytics’ software adapt themselves to common languages in the professional world. They are now used to authenticate different types of documents. For instance, our software programs were used recently to expose the mechanism of a contractual fraud to an arbitral court.

Our approach is independent of any specialized database. It is autonomously and confidentially implemented within an institution: the analysed documents are not stored nor disclosed to third parties other than those in charge of their evaluation. (More information here).

The OrphAnalytics company offers a personalized service: adapting the software to an institution’s specific needs, training users to understand the results of authentication or lisibility analyses and offering expertise services for the disputed cases.

Contact us to experience our technology with your own documents.

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Picture by Philippe Krauer for OrphAnalytics

Photograph illustrating the ability of OrphAnalytics' experts, represented by CEO Claude-Alain Roten, to authenticate anonymous documents by stylometry. Creation reusable if mention of its designer: Philippe Krauer. High resolution images available by contacting Philippe Krauer or OrphAnalytics.