The “Rendez-vous société” section of the midday news “12:45” of the television channel “RTS One” of the Swiss Radio Television broadcasting services in French, May 11, 2016.

Invited by the journalist Fanny Moille, the Prof. Michelle Bergada of the University of Geneva and Claude-Alain Roten - cofounder of OrphAnalytics SA - answered questions concerning the struggle against fraud by plagiarism or ghostwriting.

In order to challenge OrphAnalytics' software solutions, David G., a student, has provided three memoirs for Master of Laws to two OrphAnalytics specialists: Guy Genilloud and Claude-Alain Roten. While two works were written by David G., the third was composed by one of his classmates. David G. was thinking before OrphAnalytics' analysis that identifying the authors of these three texts would be difficult, as these texts were written for Master of Laws according to legal standards leaving little room for personal style.

The results contradicted the hypothesis of David G.: the points of these three texts form two groups. While the group formed by the points of two memoirs (green and blue) is that of the texts of David G., the other group of points (red triangles) corresponds to the text composed by the other candidate for the Master of Laws. The result obtained by this textual analysis is not surprising: in an expert report prepared in particular for the judgment of an international arbitration tribunal, the OrphAnalytics specialists realized that contracts could be authenticated by the author’s style, like any other text.

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