The “Rendez-vous société” section of the midday news “12:45” of the television channel “RTS One” of the Swiss Radio Television broadcasting services in French, May 11, 2016.

Invited by the journalist Fanny Moille, the Prof. Michelle Bergada of the University of Geneva and Claude-Alain Roten - cofounder of OrphAnalytics SA - answered questions concerning the struggle against fraud by plagiarism or ghostwriting.

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"The ghost behind my bachelor thesis: ghostwriting is a common problem at universities. Picture : Martin Barraud (plainpicture)"

Article from Stefania Telesca, published by the "Tages Anzeiger" newspaper the 24 Februrary 2016. Translation performed by the OrphAnalytics team.

Two researchers from Lausanne have developed a software application for ghostwriting detection. But can a computer program distinguish authors? We did the test.

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