Pitch of Claude-Alain Roten, OrphAnalytics' CEO, to Tech4Trust, the Swiss startup acceleration program in the field of Digital Trust and Cybersecurity

In a few words, Claude-Alain Roten was asked to introduce the OrphAnalytics' team, its unique selling proposition, and its current development stage.

« I am pleased to describe OrphAnalytics to Tech4Trust.

OrphAnalytics SA was founded in 2014 by almost 40 co-founders. The main goal of OrphAnalytics is to detect frauds and crimes such as ghostwriting, plagiarism, fraudulent modification of bookkeeping by comparing patterns in transcriptions of texts or lists of bookkeeping records.

Our tools protected by two patents are algorithms, adapted from those used in genome sequence analysis that I used during my academic research. OrphAnalytics is benefitting from the experience of stake holders such as biologists, physicists, physicians, linguists, lawyers and economists. We are all committed to provide tools that can improve the society by detecting fraudsters and thus giving more opportunities to people respecting best practices.

The problem that we solved is the determination of the author of a text such as an anonymous threat letter or the possibility that an academic candidate has secretly hired a ghostwriter to fraudulently provide a thesis for a certifying exam. We can provide investigation information or expert reports for a police investigation or for a court. Our tools are multilingual and can provide information on very short messages.

For instance for the Gregory affaire in France, a cold-case of a child murdered in 1984, we were able to determine who is writing with a style similar to the style of the letter claiming that the crime was performed. The transcription of this anonymous criminal letter is composed of less than 130 characters.

We also analysed the terrorist corpus of Q-Anon and revealed two styles that were likely used by at least two authors. We are also able to reveal who is very likely writing in a group of suspects with a style similar to the majority of these terrorist messages.

We can provide expert reports with our stylometric software built on artificial intelligence. Our stylometric tools are available for investigators by our servers. Our forensic platform can also measure the readability of texts written for GDPR.

Thank you for your attention. »

Claude-Alain Roten, CEO and Chairman of OrphAnalytics SA

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