"OrphAnalytics would have produced a stylometric expertise in an unsolved court case since 1984? As a matter of principle, the company never communicates on its expertise work.

The public prosecutor Thierry Pocquet du Haut-Jussé confirmed yesterday to the media the receipt of this expertise. Today, Friday, April 23, some media who had access to the expertise without our agreement describe its form and conclusion at the risk of damaging the investigation.

Our expert reports, their results and conclusions, are reserved for our clients. In view of the access of the media to our expertise and after the agreement given by our principals, we publicly confirm that we have produced the scientific report of stylometric analyses for the people in charge of the Grégory investigation. We will not comment further on this expertise.

However, if graphs, tables of results, or even quantified probabilities are published without the consent of our clients or ourselves, we reserve the right to sue the publishers (media, books) for copyright infringement, as stated on p. 136 of our report.

We do not want to be associated with any risk similar to the one that was fatal for a respondent in this case."

Claude-Alain Roten, CEO and Chairman of OrphAnalytics SA

In the French Press

Eléonore Bounhiol, Affaire Grégory : comment sont expertisées les lettres du corbeau ?, Planet.fr, September 17 2022.

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